Play Casino Bingo and Win Big

With over $95,000 in weekly payouts, our bingo hall at Colusa Casino Resort is Northern California's premier destination for high-stakes bingo action. Grab your daubers because we're dishing out massive payouts four days a week and giving you the freedom to play your way. Whether you're a seasoned dauber or just getting started, our friendly team is here to show you the ropes and make sure your bingo experience is nothing short of amazing. Don't miss out on the thrill of winning big in the heart of Colusa, CA — come play casino bingo with us today at Colusa Casino Resort!

Bingo Schedule

Wednesday & Thursday: Admission opens at 3:30PM | Games start at 6PM
Saturday & Sunday: Admission opens at 9:30AM | Games start at 12PM
Bingo Hall Location: The bingo hall is located towards the rear of the casino, directly opposite the main entrance.


Ready to Daub? Play Bingo Today!

Don’t miss a single bingo session at Colusa Casino Resort. Visit us
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Cruise in Comfort, Collect Rewards

  • Pay $20 Cash & Get $30 Instant Rewards
  • Get 5 Free Extra Packs With Bingo Buy-In
  • Bring New Rider/Riders Get Your Ride Free

Tap into the Bingo Buzz

Whether you're a bingo aficionado or simply seeking an entertaining night out, Colusa Casino Resort offers a bingo experience that combines excitement, community and the chance to win amazing prizes.

  • No one under 21 years of age allowed.
  • Only a Buy-In reserves your seat for play. Daubers, Papers and other items will not reserve your seat.
  • You may not bring outside food or beverages into the hall.
  • All players must have ONE valid admission Buy-In and only ONE. No splitting of packs.
  • It’s the players’ responsibility to yell Bingo loud enough for the Caller to hear and stop the game.
  • It is NOT the responsibility of the Floor Clerk to claim or stop the game. If the Caller does not hear you and proceeds, the Bingo is invalid.
  • You must Bingo on the last number called in order for it to be valid
  • Once the Caller closes a game, no other Bingos will be honored.
  • Once the Caller starts to call the letter of the next ball, no previous Bingos will be honored.
  • You must have valid I.D. in order to claim Jackpot prizes.
  • In case of dispute or discrepancies, management decision is final.
  • Management reserves the right to make changes in program or payouts without prior notification.
  • Malfunction of any type on electronics voids play and pays of game.
  • Once sales are closed on a specific game, no other sales are permitted.
  • All packs and specials must be played on the same session of purchase.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to play correct color and specials purchased.
  • There will be no exchanges or refunds on unused Paper.
  • Out of respect for the other players, we ask that cell phones be turned off or placed on silent mode.
  • Please be considerate when using your cell phone.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • No smoking in Bingo hall.

Management Reserves All Rights © 2023.


  • Only one Paper or Machine Buy-In per player. Extra Packs only after 1st Buy-in.
  • No buying-in for other players. Exceptions will be made for the spouse and caregiver of disabled individuals.

Without Valid I.D.

  • New players cannot be signed up.
  • We cannot look up a player in the system.
  • On wins over $1,199, we cannot pay out the player.

Guests receive their winnings directly from our bingo floor clerks. We utilize the Fortunet bingo system. Once the system verifies a valid bingo, it generates a winner’s receipt. The paymaster then counts out the correct amount of money. Next, the bingo floor clerk signs for the money and proceeds to the winning player. They count out the money, and the player verifies the amount before signing the winners' payout receipt. The receipt is then returned to the paymaster and forwarded to accounting for session audit. This process applies to both single and multiple game winners.

Get ready to dive into the high-stakes action of bingo at Colusa Casino Resort, where every daub of your marker brings you closer to victory. New to bingo? No problem! While our team is always ready to assist, here's a quick breakdown: Players match numbers on their cards with numbers randomly drawn by the host. Your objective? Complete pre-determined patterns like straight lines, diagonals or blackouts, then shout "BINGO!" with all the gusto you've got!

The cost of bingo buy-ins may vary depending on the day, special events, or whether you opt for paper or electronic machines.

The initial games of a bingo session are often referred to as warm-ups, early birds, or quickies. They are typically sold in packs of 3–5 games with payouts ranging from $150–$300.

Jackpot packs typically include most of the additional games played during a session, or they exclusively feature jackpot games. However, we don't use a jackpot pack; instead, we offer a special pack that includes all additional games except the Pick 8 jackpot game.

A buy-in pack plays more games than the jackpot pack but pays less. All players have to have a buy-in pack to play the main bingo sessions. Our buy-in packs include the Oak, Cedar, Willow and Spruce options, which are available in the bingo handsets provided by Fortunet. Additionally, we offer a 12-card paper buy-in option, equivalent to the Spruce pack.

There is no limit to how much you can purchase, though a minimum paper buy-in is required to participate.